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A Cup Of Tea Makes Everything Better

100% Organic Tea

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Tea Never Tasted So Good

Tasty And Healthy

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The Finest Blend For The Best Taste

The Right Concoctions

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100% organic Tea In Your Cup Guaranteed

From Farm To Cup

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Oolong Tea Collection

Botanicals Oolong Luxury
Ginger Lemon Grass Oolong Tea

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White Tea Collection

Silver Needle White Tea

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Green Tea Collection

Chamomile Radiance
Immunity Elixir
Green Tea For Skin And Hair
Anti Oxidant Toner

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Ice Tea

Revitalizing Green Tea

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Nettle Tea Collection

Ayurvedic Rush
Morning Energy
Wellness Infusion

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Excellent Quality And Taste

The elite estates are still committed to high-end teas. Our tea is sourced from farms that use the best organic methods, and thus we ensure quality with a flavor that tastes better than ever before.


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Customer Reviews

Mohita Madaan

Thank you so much Guys You Rejuvenate the moments of life and take care of our Health too.

Radhika Chopra

Simply love their Immunity Elixir tea. I order my box every month and I'm obsessed with the flavour. Can't do without my cup every morning.

Neha Puri

My morning ritual is to have a cup of Botanical Oolong tea . It's the best & most refreshing start to my day.

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