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Himalayan Treasure Organic Tea | Organic Tea India

Himalayan Treasure brings you the most exotic, exhilarating, and divine range of ayurvedic teas. We are an organic tea company and have consciously curated a mix of India’s most prized treasures. Our endeavor is to bring you the best quality organic tea in its most natural, untouched, pristine form - straight from India’s divine gardens to your cup. All our Herbs are Sun-Dried which
undeviatingly help us to retain the nutrients, anti-oxidants, and aroma.

Himalayan Treasure have 5 categories of organic tea comply with its sub category. Green Tea, oolong tea, ice tea, nettle tea, white tea, Chamomile Radiance Tea, Immunity Elixir Tea, Green Tea for skin and hair, Anti Oxidant Toner, Botanical Oolong Tea, Ginger Lemongrass Oolong Tea, Revitalizing Green Tea, Morning Energy Tea, Wellness infusion, Ayurvedic Rush, Silver Needle White Tea.

our 100% Organic Nettle Teas, Green tea, white tea, oolong teas, ice tea and Herbs from the foothills of the Himalayas, the state of Uttarakhand and Kashmir. We source our Tea from the farms of Assam, India owned by small-scale farmers. Our farmers utilize methods of Vriks Ayurveda Organic Farming to get the most exquisite quality tasting organic teas, high in Phyto-Nutrients.

Every leaf of our tea is handpicked and manually treated with considerable thought to conserve its delicate flavor, delightful aroma, and health benefits. What you experience, is a flavor blast while enjoying the sunset, at the convenience of your humble abode.

Benefits of Drinking Himalayan Treasure Organic Tea
  • 1. Improves Brain Function
  • 2. Promotes Weight Loss
  • 3. Disinfects harmful substances
  • 4. Prolongs life

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